Hey my dear fellow traveller,let me hold your hands.

Titus Vargis
2 min readSep 16


Life is fair when we are together.

Hey my friend,by Titus Vargis Photo by Dmitry Limonov on Unsplash

Hey my dear traveler,

I am glad to meet you and say something to you.

I believe we all have different names to comment on our struggles on this journey.

But I think that we all have the same struggles.

We might be poor or rich. We might be less confident or more.

We might be from countries that are called developed or not so.

We might be thinking we are alone. We think we are here but no one knows us.

Yet,we can't blame anyone. We are still warriors.

Hey my friend by Titus Vargis.Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash

We need someone like a mirror that says so. This is the thing we lack.

We have many doomsayers. We have many who discourage us.

Yet we are conquerors. We are not aware. The main secret is this: we must not quit.

Sooner or later,we win. We get to the destination.

We are really not alone. It's our mind that tells us that we are alone.Like our mind being programmed.

Share with someone what you go through. Find someone. No one is perfect. We are still traveling.

It's our ego that stops us from association. It's our prejudices.

It's our culture.

You know what? If we overcome these,we will win together.

Together an overcomer by Titus Vargis.Photo by Jeremy Lapak on Unsplash

Why not? Ask yourself. Ask the universe. Ask the roads. Here,we are not losers.

Stand up. Walk again. Move a bit if you can't run.

Don't stop. Let's start again. Together. Give me your hand. Hold me and let's run.

I believe in you. Our destiny calls us. Thank you.

God bless,

Yours brother,
A traveler.



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