How to love a man deeply?

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Hey,listen men are not women that is the number one hint.

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1. I love you’ term is not enough.

Telling him is only effective when your actions say the same thing.

2. Walk the talk.

Hey,listen men want you to put your words into action.

If you say something and do another thing,then he knows it.

3. Never ignore him in front of people.

4. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

5. Appreciate his efforts.

Men are looking for appreciation.

Even if they are not your favourite Hollywood star,still they are not nobodies.

They expect your gratitude even for their small efforts.

6. Look for things that he does so well.

He wants you see and say something worthy. It is a huge matter to him.

7. Appreciate his strengths.

He wants you to notice his strengths and say that you are impressed with him.

8. Take his advice and guidance.

He expects to be involved in your decision making process. It is imperative for you to take his opinion if you think he is important. If not he knows that too.

9. Listen to him.

He wants you to listen when he says something. He likes when you listen him with your eyes and ears and whole being.

10. Make him feel good about himself.

He wants you to make him feel good.

To make him feel good first you need to observe him closely. He won’t always say it.

11.Show your love using his love language.

12. Stand with him in disappointment.

What’s a relationship if it is not committed? He needs you desperately in times of darkness. He needs you in times of desperation.

13. Accept him for who he is.

He is not the president of United States of America he knows it,still he is your man.

Give him what he wants.

14. Address your complaints respectfully.

Use fair words to express your concerns. Timing is very important. Look for when he is available.

15. Respect his boundaries.

16. Don’t question his silence and alone time.

It’s a good thing to respect his silence. Silence is powerful for a man. It revives him. He needs it so much for rewinding. You may not like it but he wants you to respect it.

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